The Chicago Bean, Colored Pencils

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, Black Pens

Untersberg, Austria, Black Pens

Tears of the Holocaust, Colored Pencils on Watercolor

World Peace, Colored Pencils and Markers on Watercolor

Nul-Ddi-Ki (Traditional Korean See-Saw Game), Gel Pens and Colored Pencils on Watercolor

Violets, Watercolor

Mallard Ducks, Colored Pencils on Watercolor

Horse on Beach, Colored Pencils on Watercolor

A Gift for Mother's Day, Colored Pencils

Provo, Utah, Black Pens

Berlin, Germany, Black Pens

Quote Wall for Friend, Markers on Acrylic Paint

The Homeless, Colored Pencils on Watercolor

Freedom of Religion, Colored Pencils and Markers on Watercolor and Acrylic Paints

Wong Gung (King's Palace), Gel Pens and Colored Pencils on Watercolor

Still Life, Oil Paint

Hhak (Korean Cranes), Colored Pencils on Watercolor

In Remembrance of My Father, Colored Pencils

Edinburgh, Scotland, Black Pens

Book Collage for Roommate's Birthday, Book Arrangement Superglued on Cardboard

Me Playing Cello, Colored Pencils on Watercolor

Sul-Nal (Korean New Year's Celebration), Gel Pens and Markers on Watercolor

Apple for Practice, Pastels

Bluegill, Colored Pencils on Watercolor

Bass Jumping Out of Water, Gel Pens and Colored Pencils on Watercolor

Underwater Turtle, Oil Pastels