Flower Chandelier



My close friend’s birthday was approaching, and I wanted to think out of the box by creating a handmade gift for her.


First, I had to figure out what the gift was going to be. I wanted the gift to be relevant to her, so I drew on my knowledge of her to serve as context for the gift. I recalled that she had recently moved into her new apartment and was excited about decorating her room. So on my next visit to her place, I noted her taste in decorations and the empty space over her bed, which could be perfect for a new decoration.

I shifted to online research for DIY room decor. I selected various ideas from Pinterest, blogs, and Google searches. Assessing each of the ideas for compatibility with her room, I narrowed it down to a flower chandelier. I then did another round of searches just on flower chandeliers to figure out how to create it. I compared the material requirements, cost of material purchase, and complexity of process for each of the chandeliers. I selected the instructions that seemed most feasible, and made a run to purchase the necessary materials and tools.

Next, I began the construction process. Since I was unfamiliar with using wire for my crafts, I had to experiment with it in order to figure out how to construct the frame for the chandelier. After much trial and error, I discovered the effectiveness of “clips”, or folding the ends. This became the basis of the frame. I created two concentric circles of copper wire that were held together by four evenly spaced shorter pieces of wire. I then covered the whole frame with floral tape to imitate a flower stem, and wove the fairy lights around the frame to make it a chandelier.

For the remainder of the construction, I needed the frame to be hanging, so I used fishing line to hang it from an adhesive hook at the top of a low-hanging doorway. From there, it quickly became a balancing act, as even the slightest extra weight could tip the frame from being upright. I started with the heaviest additions, which were four equivalent stems of fake flowers that were tied with fishing wire to the outer circle. I then affixed three fake roses, one below the other, that fell down the middle of the chandelier from a single central knot of fishing wire in the inner circle. Lastly, I hung strings of fake flower petals to the outer circle. I created the strings by removing the fake flowers from their stems so that only their petals remained, and used the holes where the stems had been to loop them through fishing wire. I found that tying three knots on top of each other was sufficient to keep the petals in place.



My friend loved the gift and hung it up from the ceiling of her room, using adhesive hooks as I had done. Sadly, she could not hang it above her bed, as I had forgotten to account for proximity of outlets, but she did add it to her Instagram (which reflects New Year’s but was gifted for her birthday).


1 week

Floral tape
Fishing line
Copper wire
Fake flowers
Fairy lights

Wire cutter
Adhesive hook